Insights as a Service episode:

19. Sales people are coin operated

19. Sales people are coin operated


Harriet Mellor runs Your Sales Co, a sales training company that works extensively in the tech sector. This week she joined Brendan to talk all things related to sales success, both for individuals and organisations.

Topics include team structure, the importance of personal branding and aligning it with your company positioning, what metrics to look for when using Social Media, vendor management, and more.


  • 0:00 What’s this episode about
  • 0:25 Sales coach, Harriet Mellor’s background
  • 3:30 Common sales mistakes MSPs make
  • 4:50 Sales strategy 101 for MSPs
  • 6:40 How MSP sales strategies evolve
  • 10:19 Tools that set your MSP sales apart
  • 14:20 Role of marketing in MSPs from a sales perspective
  • 22:30 Personal branding for sales success in IT
  • 32:00 Vanity metrics and brand for sales
  • 37:15 Best sales team structure for MSPs
  • 46:15 Sales and marketing opportunities to get ahead
  • 54:00 What’s #1 thing that drives profitable growth for MSPs

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