master illume series

Master illume Series (Q3 – FY2022)

Drive end user experiences and efficiencies with real time connectivity insights by becoming an illumenated master. Darryl Turner, built most of the platform and will help you make the most out of the latest illume features, dashboards, and the wholesale re-billing engine in this 45 minute recorded webinar.

Recorded webinar timestamps

  • 2:18 Tickets – How to create, view, and edit tickets, as well as see who’s on the ticket
  • 6:50 Account Detail – How to view all activity statements in one easy place
  • 9:20 Pulse – Your services in an easily understandable dashboard (A superpower for technical users)
  • 11:05 Resources – Rate cards, support resources, contracts, guides – all the documents you need in one place
  • 15:58 Reports – Your go-to place for real-time and historical insights into your services
  • 24:12 Voice Accounts – Manage your voice services with voice channel utilisation graphs,
  • 26:57 Notifications – Set up email and/or SMS alerts so you never miss a service update
  • 31:15 Wholesale voice rebilling tool – Simplify wholesale voice billing, manage your customers, set your custom tariffs, and more

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