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Q1 2021 – Innovation Focus

How best to talk ourselves up this month?

Each month at Lightwire the sales and marketing team looks to form a consensus on what to focus on from a marketing standpoint. We like to have a fairly cohesive theme, in the past that has seen us release a number of videos and articles over a four week period on subjects such as Teams Calling, 3CX, Hyperfibre, etc.

As we got ready to see out 2020 and usher in 2021, we had so many things lined up to highlight it was proving impossible to get all the blogs, videos and whatever else we could come up with to fit nicely into a coherent single theme.

Then it hit me…

In the last quarter of 2020 we had:

  • Been instrumental in bringing Zscaler’s first ZPA node to NZ
  • Undertaken some great work, work that only Lightwire could have done (promise I will validate that claim at a later point) with our friends at The Instillery and Megaport to get Livestock Improvement Corporation’s (LIC’s) new WAN in play.
  • We finished off a significant investment in our network to ensure universal coverage across our catchment for Trilogy’s digital mobile radio network.
  • Established Lightwire as being at the forefront of Hyperfibre deployment in NZ

What theme ties this all together?

Lightwire is continually providing the building blocks for innovation, living out our purpose of being the foundation from which great things happen.

There is a lot of detail in the projects listed above, so we are going to run with this theme over the first quarter of  2021 rather than a single month. This quarter will be all about highlighting just how we are fueling innovation, and we will do that via case studies, interviews, blogs and us generally talking ourselves up (see above as an example).

Looking forward to showing our customers, potential customers and partners what we have been up to.

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