covid update across carriers

COVID update across the carriers

Omicron has had a small impact on fibre carrier workforces across NZ. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the upstream carriers may, for that reason, need to reschedule a small number of site visits such as scoping and installations.

Chorus is continuing to make a pre-screening call beforehand to ensure everyone is feeling well. If the customer does not answer the COVID-19 related screening questions, the order will be put back to us to Advise the status to protect their technicians. They are also following strict COVID-19 safety protocols, including being fully vaccinated and showing their vaccination passport on arrival, wearing a mask and maintaining social distance.

For faults and essential connections, wherever possible, repair or installation work proceed if the customer is isolating. However, they may need to complete the work through temporary means to protect their teams and the end client. If they are unable to complete the work safely, they will work with the site contact to reschedule the work.

Enable (Christchurch area) has a current wait time for new appointments for both Fulfil and Assure work of two weeks and has reduced the number of appointment calendar slots available for end customers due to a reduction in technicians. This decrease in appointment slots remains in place until further notice.

Should the carriers see further disruption, the following is the general framework for work for prioritisation of resources.

  • All BAU Assurance activity
  • All critical Fulfillment work
    • Critical suppliers, i.e. Police (Requires RSP escalation to Enable, see below)
    • Medical dependency (Medical Dependency flag and escalation path as required)
    • Customers with no existing service in place
    • Business orders
  • All remaining orders
  • Network build to support critical fulfilment work
  • All remaining work

If you have any issues or questions, please get in touch with your account manager.

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