chorus HPA

Chorus High Priority Access

Chorus High Priority Access (HPA) promises to deliver what you love about point-to-point fibre products like Business Premium and HSNS fibre, but at a pocket-friendly price point. Intrigued? Let’s dive in.

Who is HPA for?

HPA is ideal for data-hungry medium to large size businesses that rely on their data getting through without loss or degradation. Chorus’ High Priority Access product, as the name suggests, prioritises access across the network, translating into better internet performance for your clients.

Key benefits of High Priority Access

High Traffic Class Bandwidth
9100 Bytes MTU Size
VLAN Transparency

Australian MSP or Telco trying to understand where Chorus High Priority Access (HPA) fits in for your clients’ New Zealand branches? NBN Enterprise Ethernet (EE) with high Class of Service or Fibre 1000 are close comparisons, albeit on different underlying infrastructure.

HPA Product Details

Below is a high-level overview from Chorus about the new High Priority Access product that will be available through Lightwire: 

VariantHPA 1000HPA 2000HPA 4000
Launch date:31 July 2023TBC 2024TBC 2024
High Traffic Class:1000 Mbps2000 Mbps4000 Mbps
Low Traffic Class:000
Single Port ONT:YesYesYes
Transparent VLAN:YesYesYes
MTU Size:910091009100
Business Restore:YesYesYes
Backhaul use-case support:YesYesYes
Availability:Chorus UFB/UFB2/2+Chorus UFB/UFB2/2+Chorus UFB/UFB2/2+



Chorus is moving away from the existing Hyperfibre ONTs for High Priority Access as these ONTs do not support the large MTU size partners require. They’ve sourced the Nokia XS-010X-Q, a single port XGSPON ONT fit for purpose to meet all the necessary industry requirements for the High Priority Access service. 

UNI:100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G Base-T
Length:135 mm
Width135 mm
Height30 mm
Weight0.259 kg
Chorus HPA ONT

The Nokia ONT will only be available for High Priority Access, though Chorus may extend this to other products in the future.

Chorus was able to expedite the launch of the HPA SFP ONT. This ONT will be available alongside the Single Port ONT. The XS-010S-Y ONT offers 10G SFP+ for High Priority Access, ensuring optimal performance for your data-intensive requirements.

Want to know more?

Your friendly Lightwire account manager is here to help you deliver quality client experiences and outcomes. Give them a call on 0800 534 567 or 1300 016 678, flick an email through to, or reach out via the contact form.

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