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47. Stay Ahead of the Curve: MSP Security Landscape in 2023

47. Stay Ahead of the Curve: MSP Security Landscape in 2023

Get ready for a fascinating conversation with John Milionis, Head of Channels and Alliances for ANZ at Zscaler! John joins Brendan for a discussion about the competitive landscape for MSPs in Australia and New Zealand and the opportunities for growth and success. 

Learn about upskilling strategies, the rise of new platforms, SaaS opportunities, the differences between specialist and generalist MSPs, and the future of SD-WAN. 

Find out how Zscaler is supporting MSPs with integrated solutions and collaborations. 

Hear John’s insights on the impact of cyber attacks on cyber security and the significance of Zero Trust.


  • 0:45 The competitive landscape for MSPs in Australia & New Zealand
  • 4:15 How to upskill your team without resources
  • 6:50 Vendors are the new platforms
  • 9:50 The SaaS opportunity for MSPs
  • 14:25 Specialist vs Generalist MSPs
  • 20:30 The future of SD-WAN
  • 26:00 What Zscaler is doing to help MSPs
  • 31:30 Integrated solutions with other vendors
  • 34:30 Have the recent cyber attacks changed perceptions on cyber security?
  • 38:30 What is Zero Trust and how important is it?

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