Insights as a Service episode:

23. The Dickhead Test

23. The Dickhead Test


The DHT, or dickhead test, is an important part of any interview process. People buy from people, and you need to make sure your people will rep your brand as you would. Nick and Brendan dive into that and also talk through how a recession, if that’s what we’re heading for, will affect MSPs, and why Brendan is such a marketing fanboy.


  • 0:00 What’s in this episode
  • 1:25 is it a Flyer, eBook or a whitepaper?
  • 4:10 Control caller ID with Teams Phone
  • 5:10 Marketing swag
  • 6:25 Demand generation & account based marketing for IT
  • 14:20 How COVID changed the IT landscape
  • 21:40 The power of relationships
  • 24:00 The d*ckhead test

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