Ethical Advertising Policy


Lightwire strives to ensure that our values are upheld by the organisations that we partner with. This stance is critically important when engaging with vendors in order to promote our brand and/or products. This policy details our approach to ethical advertising.


It is understandable that our customers will perceive views espoused by companies with which we advertise to be supported by us, either implicitly or explicitly. Because of this, it is critical that we clearly state the expectations we have for our advertising partners and the standards that we will hold them to.

Lightwire is a company that operates across Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia, and as such, it is critical to us that we reflect the Kiwi and Aussie values of inclusion, positivity and tolerance. We don’t all have to agree with each other, but we do have to be respectful in our interactions and think of the impact our words and actions have on others.

There are some sentiments/behaviours that are unequivocally unacceptable to Lightwire, namely racism, bigotry or sexism. Any company that has content or activity that is reasonably seen as reflecting these behaviours will lose our support.

We are an inclusive company and can not align ourselves with any brand that condones hateful, indecent or provocative language that would put others at risk.

In short, we work with partners that are kind, honest and looking to do the right thing.


Nick Phillips (Head of Partners and Alliances) is the key contact for any questions around this policy.


We are here to help, if you have questions or if something is unclear then give us a call on AU: 1300 016 678 or NZ: 0800 534 567