Lightwire has partnered with Fortinet to provide SD-WAN services that deliver advanced routing, self-healing capabilities, and flexible security — all in a single, integrated solution.

Fortinet driven SD-WANs are a great fit for a number of design requirements, with flexible deployment options, enhanced application and route control, and able to incorporate multiple ISPs.

Single pane of glass for all services via illume

Illume provides granular real-time and historical insights into service performance and utilisation to allow for easy capacity management and forecasting.

All Lightwire internet and WAN services are provided with 24/7 automatic outage alerts and ticket creation, helping you create the best possible experience for your team.


Security Fabric Analytics & Automation

Lightwire utilises FortiAnalyzer to provide security fabric analytics and automation to provide better detection and response against cyber risks. Reporting can be configured and set to a recurring cycle that meets your needs.

Failover with Diverse Carriers

Experience seamless real-time failover to a secondary connection without the need for complex BGP configs and/or additional subnets.

SD-WAN allows for vendor-agnostic deployment, so you can have Lightwire provide primary and secondary services at all locations, or just the primary service, and go with a 3rd party 4G service (or another access option). SD-WAN gives you the design flexibility that is missing from MPLS WANs.

Failover Final

Internet breakout

Opt for local internet breakout at each site, or route traffic in a bespoke way that better suits your needs – you choose. We are here to talk through your objectives and talk in real terms about the best way to ensure low latency routing and robust security exists.

SD-WAN solutions by Lightwire

Firewall location

Geographically diverse hosted managed firewalls can be deployed, or you can have that functioned handled by the CPE deployed at each office. If security is your focus, you can handle that and leave us to handle the other moving parts.

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