If SD-WAN isn’t a good fit or a hybrid design is required, we are here to help with the MPLS component.

MPLS WANs have been around for a long time, and they don’t have the marketing buzz of SD-WAN alternatives, however, in the NZ and Australian markets this WAN option is often the most cost-effective.

Your requirements will determine your WAN design, so here are a few considerations to help you get a feel for how your MPLS WAN can take shape…

Single pane of glass for all services via illume

Illume provides granular real time and historical insights into service performance and utilisation to allow for easy capacity management and forecasting by your NOC.

All Lightwire internet and WAN services are provided with 24/7 automatic outage alerts and ticket creation, helping you create the best possible experience for your team.

Cost, or rather, value

We aren’t a company that likes to focus on price without context, we find that value is the best metric. The less complex CPE required for MPLS WANs often results in lower overall costs, but whether that drives value will depend on your requirements and drivers.

WAN Solution

Diverse carriers & Failover

MPLS is a single ISP product. We can provide multiple services (Ethernet, 4G, fixed wireless and/or xDSL) to a location via diverse wholesale carriers, but ultimately they will all connect back to Lightwire’s network in some form. If you have your heart set on a solution where each service coming into an address is provided by separate ISPs, then you will need to look at SD-WAN.

Internet breakout

MPLS WANs will ideally have 2 x geographically diverse transit gateways, located within data centres or very well connected and powered offices.

Depending on the locations involved and how close they are to transit gateways, internet exchanges and CDNs, this design may result in higher or lower latency than an SD-WAN alternative offering local internet breakout at each site. Our network engineers can talk through this in detail with you in the pre-sales stage.

MPLS - Network Design
Lightwire a Fortigate managed firewall provider 20 1

Firewall location

We can incorporate virtually any firewall design you require. Host your own in one of our DCs, get us to connect to your existing multi-tenant platform, have us deploy a managed firewall at geographically diverse locations – there are plenty of ways to get the desired result for you and we are here to help plan and implement your solution.

Security Fabric Analytics & Automation

If you want Lightwire to provide the firewall functionality for your MPLS WAN, we will utilise FortiAnalyzer to provide security fabric analytics and automation to provide better detection and response against cyber risks. Reporting can be configured and set to a recurring cycle that meets your needs.

DDoS Protection

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