Managed 4G Failover

Even the best available service level agreements only carry a 6 hour restore target, and there aren’t many businesses that would be happy to be down for that long.

You are looking for a high value, and consistent, online experience – and that’s why you need to have a solid backup connection and automatic failover sorted.

Managed 4G Failover is designed as a plug and play automatic failover solution that keeps users online in the event of a primary service outage. Let us take care of keeping you online.

4G backup isn't right for everyone

This solution is best suited to smaller offices given the best effort speeds provided by 4G connections. It will also not provide WAN connectivity for sites connected via an MPLS design.

If you need high speed and/or committed speeds on your backup connection, we should talk about an alternative diverse backup solution.

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fortiwifi 40f

How does 4G Failover work?

A primary ethernet service with speeds up to 1Gbps and a backup 4G connection are connected to a single FortiGate 40F router and the router is configured to failover to the 4G service within milliseconds if the primary service is detected as down.

Please note, in order to achieve maximum available speeds from the primary service, we prefer to configure the primary service using a /31.

Fully managed

If the router becomes faulty, a new router is sent to you following business day (at the latest). Configuration design and changes can be determined by you, but all changes are made by us. 24/7 support comes as standard, and the monthly charge provides for unlimited moves/adds/changes (MAC) requests.

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