Open letter re covid 19

An Open Letter re COVID-19

We know that businesses are hurting due to COVID-19. That is why our account managers will be reaching out to ask if we can help and if there’s anything you need. This is an open letter to all our valued customers and partners;

Businesses are already hurting due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and we have no idea of where this is heading given we are in unchartered territory. There is no doubt that this event will impact your business in some form, so I am reaching out to make sure you know that all of us at Lightwire are here to help.

Here are some things we can do that may be of some help to you in the coming weeks:

  • Free time with our engineers to discuss options in line with your BCP plans
  • Priority deployment of new services
  • Price promise – we will keep prices to a minimum (both recurring and one-off) as we know businesses are hurting
  • Priority support for any voice customer looking to make changes to their service based on changed circumstances (IVR or extension changes for example)
  • Temporary deployment of voice/fibre/copper services without being bound to a term where it is due to BCP requirements
  • No charge for out of hours work required to handle out of hours changes

In short, we want to help. Let us know what you need and we can talk it over.

You are important to us. In case an account manager has not been in touch with you yet, and you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We got your back

Contact Brendan

NZ: +64 216 167 49 AU: +61 420 944 208

Contact Nick

+64 21 230 0997

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