The 3CX Playbook

The 3CX playbook - Lightwire Business

The Playbook your team needs to scope, design, sell, provision, and support self hosted 3CX.

Which voice solution is right for you?

Pick the right voice solution

Picking the right voice solution Teams Calling, 3CX Unified Communications, or SIP Trunking are all great products, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing which one is the best fit is going to come down to cost, functionality, reliability and ultimately how it aligns with your end-users workflow. To help you pick the […]

Unified Communications Platforms drive profitability

driving profitability with unified comms

Unified Communications (UCaaS) platforms drive profitability. Well, good ones do… It all comes down to the features on offer and how well they are understood and utilised by you and your team. In this article I am going to run through how a good Unified Communications solution, e.g. 3CX or Teams Calling with Direct Routing, […]

3CX vs. RingCentral

3cx or ringcentral

A comparison of per user vs. per channel pricing If you are looking at purchasing a voice or unified communications solution, and trying to figure out whether you should be opting to pay based on how many team members you have or how many concurrent calls you need the system to handle, this post is […]

3CX vs Asterisk

3cx or asterisk

Businesses are expecting more from their phone systems than ever before, and this complexity is ushering in the end of Asterisk, and open source solutions (OSS) generally. Streamlined integration Gone are the days where voice mail to email was a fancy extra and requirements were limited to call forwards and time of day diverts. Time […]

Integrating 3CX with Teams for calling

blog cover integrating 3cx 01

Since the full release of 3CX Version 18, Lightwire can support our customers who want to combine 3CX’s feature set, such as advanced call routing and reporting functionality, with their existing Microsoft Teams deployment. To put it simply: 3CX can send calls into Microsoft Teams, and your Teams users can make calls to the public […]

3CX V18 & Microsoft Teams – Best of both worlds?

blog cover 3cx and teams 5 01

The release of 3CX Version 18 brings with it a whole host of benefits, including user sync, calendar status sync and the highly anticipated Teams phone system integration.   Let’s take a look at how the integration works and if it’s right for your business.  3CX vs Teams Calling One of the most common, and important, conversations we have with our customers is around which voice system is best suited to their […]

Teams Calling and 3CX – per channel billing

how per channel voice pricing saves you money

When it comes to pricing for voice services there are two key models: Per user pricing Per channel pricing Lightwire runs with per channel, and this blog is going to tell you why that results in a lower cost and more scalable solution for businesses. Let’s start with definitions… The per user model assigns a […]

How to get the most out of your 3CX Softphone App

how to get the most out of 3cx

The ability to pivot, be flexible and adaptive, has proven essential for businesses over the past 18 months. Softphone applications like 3CX have revolutionized the way we make and receive calls for our businesses from anywhere with access to the internet; meaning less disruptions for staff and customers alike. But to ensure a positive user […]

Mobile Minute Alerting

mobile minute alerting - new feature from Lightwire

The latest feature to be added to illume for voice customers on bundled plans with 3CX, Teams Calling via Direct Routing, and SIP Trunking is Mobile Minute Alerting. Mobile Minute Alerting will notify the billing contact when their voice service is approaching exhaustion of the mobile minutes included in their plan or existing additional mobile […]