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It is recommended that the primary logo isn’t reproduced less than 50mm in width as the legibility becomes compromised. When the space is smaller than 50mm, the stacked version of the logo is preferred.

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Black and grey logo only to be used where the colour logo cannot be applied, or when print or online media lends itself to a specific style.

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Our Specialists

Brendan Ritchie - CRO Lightwire
Brendan Ritchie

Brendan joined Lightwire in early 2017 to drive expansion into the trans-Tasman business market, under the newly formed Lightwire Business unit. With the success of that initiative, he transitioned into the role of CRO where he now oversees product, sales, marketing, support and provisioning for business and rural segments.

Brendan has 15+ years of Telco experience across Australia and New Zealand and is also a Director of Lightwire’s Australian business, Lightwire Australia Pty Ltd.  

Scott Raynel, Ph. D – Chief Operating Officer
Scott Raynel, Ph. D
Scott has responsibility for the Build and Maintain functions within Lightwire, holding responsibility for the core network, voice, rural network, systems and development

Scott has been with Lightwire since its inception in 2006 and was a member of the original CRCnet research project that was eventually commercialised into Rural Link.  

Nick Phillips
Nick spent the early part of his career in Managed IT Services. He focused on designing and implementing technology solutions for modern businesses that require secure, resilient and mobile solutions that scale. 

Now Nick is active in the telecommunication space working with IT and Network solutions providers around New Zealand and Australia to build out their network and voice offerings through the Lightwire Business partner programmes.