[Incident] #13 – Outage notification in Rotokauri area due to power outage

By 2017-12-09 January 10th, 2020 Network Status
Change ID13
SubjectOutage notification in Rotokauri area due to power outage
Expected Impact5.5 hours of outage due to power being turned off. Full service disruption
DescriptionWEL Networks are carrying out maintenance on the power systems in the Rotokauri area, which has cut power to our site. All customers connected to our Exelby site will have a complete loss of service. Service will be reinstated as soon as power is restored to our site by WEL Networks
Work Start Date / Time 2017-12-09 09:30:00 (Pacific/Auckland)
2017-12-09 07:30:00 (Australia/Sydney)
2017-12-09 06:30:00 (Australia/Brisbane)
2017-12-09 07:30:00 (Australia/Melbourne)
2017-12-09 04:30:00 (Australia/Perth)
Work End Date / Time 2017-12-09 15:00:00 (Pacific/Auckland)
2017-12-09 13:00:00 (Australia/Sydney)
2017-12-09 12:00:00 (Australia/Brisbane)
2017-12-09 13:00:00 (Australia/Melbourne)
2017-12-09 10:00:00 (Australia/Perth)