We are here to complement your services, not compete, offering a range of hardware solutions that help you add value to your clients.

Managed Routers

Let our certified engineers manage the configuration maintenance of routers.  

Managed Firewalls

Let us handle reporting, patching and delivery using the FortiGate suit of products.


I want to purchase IP capable phones that work with 3CX or Teams for my client.

Hardware solutions

Need Hardware?

We know you will be offering a range of hardware to you customers, and as always, we are here to compliment the channels efforts, not compete. If we can fill any product gaps or take the management overhead out of solutions that you are promoting, we are here to help.

We offer some hardware on a managed basis, others on an outright sale basis, and some models are available under either scenario.

5 Reasons Channel Partners Choose Lightwire for hardware


We work with you to determine the best solution for your customer’s needs and goals


Require changes? No fuss. Hardware comes with unlimited moves / adds / changes (MACs)


24/7 support and escalation paths with transparent access to senior management.


As clients expand across the Tasman, we can go with them, providing a single point of contact.

Business continuity

In the event of a managed device failing, we ship a free replacement device within 1 business day.



Why buy hardware from us?

You know what you need to supply your customers, and you know how to manage the device, you just want to buy a pre-configured device that is backed with top shelf support. Well, we do just that, and our products are well priced and come with free shipping.

SD-WAN solutions by Lightwire


Any of the devices we offer can be uniquely configured, whether you need to run IPsec VPNs, or simply terminate a standard connection, you can leave all elements of the end to end delivery of the service in our court.

We run with the FortiGate suite of products and use FortiManager to ensure patching and firmware is handled in line with the vendors’ recommendations.

Physical Firewalls

Under this model, Lightwire handles the configuration, management and reporting of a number of UTM functions.

Using the FortiGate product range, we deploy a physical router/firewall at each site and use a cloud-based collector for reporting and visibility of network security.

Service Features Include:

  • Web filtering – allows blocking of particular websites or whole categories such as streaming video or social networks
  • Anti-virus – intercept malicious and dangerous software before it enters your network.
  • Alerts – in the event of defined security events such as suspicious activities (a botnet computer for example) inside your network.
  • A single report for multiple sites – provides a unified basis for network analysis
  • Usage reporting – broken down by application/website, source IP, duration and traffic used.

Virtual Firewalls

Providing the same feature set as a physical device, and also based on a FortiGate design, the virtual firewall model sees NGFW functions provided from inside the Lightwire private cloud using multi-tenancy firewalls to allocate virtual domains per customer.

IP Capable Phones

Whether purchased outright or as managed devices, out phones are delivered fully configured, usually for use with our 3CX unified communications or Teams Calling (also known as Teams Phone) solutions, but they can also terminate directly to our soft switch with a single line per phone for smaller deployments.

As with all of our managed hardware solutions, any faulty units are replaced next business day and all configuration changes are handled by our NOC upon request.

Lightwire voice services

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