Partner with Lightwire to grow your business

Lightwire offers a range of options to enable your business to grow, in Australia and New Zealand, through channel partner opportunities. As a Channel Partner, Reseller or Wholesaler, we have an option that will suit your business. We also specialise in providing New Zealand circuits to Australian ISPs and vice versa.

We also offer layer 2 wholesale access to our rural wireless network in the North Island of New Zealand.

We have three models for our partners


Lightwire Business provides monthly ongoing rebates for customers referred to us by our partners. Rebates apply for internet and voice, and are paid each month for the life of Lightwire’s engagement with the end user.


This model best suits partners who want to invoice the end user directly and front the support process, but do not have their own network. Circuits are sold to resellers with unlimited data plans and it is up to the resellers to set the retail price points they
feel best suit their clients needs.


Lightwire sells services to our wholesale partners which they on-sell to the end user. We provide tail circuits in every Australian and New Zealand town/city, and can hand over services locally to partners who have their own networks and/or transit services.


Making the decision to work with a new telco is not an easy or risk-free choice to make. Will our support be as good as we say it will be? Are our speeds really that fast? How fast are we to respond to support tickets? How transparent is the provisioning process?

That is why we start by providing your business with a Lightwire connection with unlimited data at cost price. That way you can:

  • Save money
  • Judge our service for yourself as a Lightwire client
  • Honestly state to your clients that you have used Lightwire services yourself and have been happy with the service provided.

We are also happy to provide you with a free trial of our SIP trunks so you can judge compatibility and performance for yourself.