A range of new detail has been added to the customer facing view inside Illume (our customer portal) this month.

As shown in the video above, the new detail includes:

  • Contacts associated with each account
  • Billing summary, including current balance
  • List of all subscriptions/services with the following data:
    • Account name
    • Service name/type
    • Service description
    • Carrier
    • Contract term detail
    • monthly cost
  • Complete invoice history (with invoice detail page linked for complete view)
  • Channel partner view showing all commissions paid/due
  • Channel partner view showing all clients rebates are set to be paid for
  • Service detail page for further detail such as IP address.

If you are yet to gain access to Illume, please email support@lightwirebusiness.com to get on board.

Brendan Ritchie