With a number of features included in our latest release, this blog is intended to provide a high level overview of each for easy consumption.

Invoice filter

If you have a number of clients under a single invoice, or perhaps a number of departments that require individual cost allocations, you will have found it difficult to easily search and find the charges for things such as voice calls or mobile data usage.

The most resent changes resolve that issue as shown below…


We have also added a note to invoices pointing readers towards Illume for more detail.

Australian locations added to SQ tool

When you now head to https://portal.lightwirebusiness.com/sqtool you will see an option to search for Australian or NZ addresses.

As a first release we have only released the option to find locations that are currently on-net for AAPT’s Fibre1000 service, but more options will be added each month.

The first step is to select AU on the search bar and add the address:

You will notice that the SQ check can take a while on the first occasion, unfortunately we are limited by the API access supplied to us, but we put up a little note as you wait:

And once resolved, you will see confirmation of service availability…

Click “see plans” for service details and pricing.

Illume self registration

Where a user heads to https://portal.lightwirebusiness.com/ without an existing login, we now prompt them for detail and get that sorted rather than requiring an email to be sent to our support team (as was previously the case).