50. Marketing for MSPs

Marketing for MSPs | Insights as a Service episode 50

In this episode, Ally Bourke, marketing advisor and founder of The Launch Project, is here with Brendan to discuss the latest marketing trends and techniques for MSPs. They dive into the nitty-gritty of how to sell something that people don’t understand. Discuss the power of storytelling, whether marketing content should be gated or not, and […]

Voice Ordering Tool

Voice ordering tool

If you’re an MSP providing your clients with voice services, you want your wholesale provider to make it easy to order those services, and easy to bill for them. We’ve already solved the billing part through our rebilling tool and integration with Datagate, and now we have made the ordering part super easy as well. […]

How 3CX Drives Client Profitability

how 3cx drives client profitability

3CX is a UCaaS platform that drives profitability, and it does that for both you as an MSP and your clients. If the features on offer are well understood and utilised by your clients, the impact on productivity can be profound. This section will help salespeople working inside MSPs by running through how a good […]

Demystifying 3CX Licensing

demystifying 3cx licenses

3CX Standard License, 3CX Pro License, 3CX Enterprise License, and now 3CX StartUP License – that’s a lot of licenses, but how do the license features differ?  This blog answers just that… Want to get an overview of all the 3CX features and what they mean? check out this 3CX features blog post. 3CX Standard […]

Brown-out period 2022-2023

LFC Brownout 2022-23

Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) will be implementing a level of change restriction on some parts of their networks environment over the 2022-23 Christmas holiday period. They do this to minimise the risk of customer impacting events occurring at a time of reduced staffing levels across their organisation and suppliers.   We don’t have all information […]

3CX Showstoppers

3CX showstoppers - limitations of 3CX that MSPs need to know

3CX is a brilliant unified comms solution packed with tonnes of features, but it’s not suitable for every business. Here is some detail on what isn’t going to work. If you’re running a call centre or a service desk, much of what you need will be covered by 3CX, but here is what you won’t […]

What is 3CX? Breakdown for MSPs

What is 3cx - breakdown for MSPs

3CX is a unified communications platform, one that can be hosted on-prem or in the cloud, whether that be private or public. 3CX first emerged in 2005 as an on-prem PBX and has continually evolved to become the flexible Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform we know today. The flexibility offered by 3CX can […]

Invoice Summary Export Feature

invoice summary export feature within illume

If you need to import your Lightwire invoices into a 3rd party billing or accounting platform, then this invoice summary export feature will make your life easier. The quick 1-minute video below will show you how you can export invoices from illume. https://vimeo.com/724355974 Our aim is take away as much admin overhead as possible from […]

Pulse Dashboard

Pulse dashboard blog

We send an alert to you for any service that is down for more than 5 minutes. The questions is, after receiving one of these alerts, where do you go to see the status of all of your services and to start the trouble shooting process? Inside illume there is a singe pane of glass […]

Master illume Series (Q3 – FY2022)

master illume series

Drive end user experiences and efficiencies with real time connectivity insights by becoming an illumenated master. Darryl Turner, built most of the platform and will help you make the most out of the latest illume features, dashboards, and the wholesale re-billing engine in this 45 minute recorded webinar. Recorded webinar timestamps 2:18 Tickets – How to […]