Invoice Summary Export Feature

invoice summary export feature within illume

If you need to import your Lightwire invoices into a 3rd party billing or accounting platform, then this invoice summary export feature will make your life easier. The quick 1-minute video below will show you how you can export invoices from illume. Our aim is take away as much admin overhead as possible from […]

Pulse Dashboard

Pulse dashboard blog

We send an alert to you for any service that is down for more than 5 minutes. The questions is, after receiving one of these alerts, where do you go to see the status of all of your services and to start the trouble shooting process? Inside illume there is a singe pane of glass […]

Master illume Series (Q3 – FY2022)

master illume series

Drive end user experiences and efficiencies with real time connectivity insights by becoming an illumenated master. Darryl Turner, built most of the platform and will help you make the most out of the latest illume features, dashboards, and the wholesale re-billing engine in this 45 minute recorded webinar. Recorded webinar timestamps 2:18 Tickets – How to […]

Hyperfibre Guide

Hyperfibre Guide

Chorus were the first to announce and release it in 2020, Tuatahi First Fibre (TFF) followed a bit later, Enable launched it in 2021, and NorthPower has given it a hard pass. It’s Hyperfibre If you are in New Zealand, and in one of the original chorus UFB 1 zones, you now have even faster […]

SMS Alerts in illume

SMS alerts in illume

You aren’t always checking your emails and some alerts are too important to miss. That’s why we’ve set up a way for you to manage alert settings on a per-service basis. This means that you can now choose to receive SMS alerts for important events on business-critical services. Check out the video below to learn […]

How to select the right voice partner?

how to select the right voice partner

Choosing the right voice supplier 3CX, Teams Calling, Dialpad, 8 x 8, Ringcentral, Mitel…there are dozens of Unified Communications solutions and voice platforms sold by hundreds of suppliers, so how can you be sure that you are selecting the best platform from the best provider? Voice procurement isn’t a one-time transaction, it is an ongoing […]

3CX vs. RingCentral

3cx or ringcentral

A comparison of per user vs. per channel pricing If you are looking at purchasing a voice or unified communications solution, and trying to figure out whether you should be opting to pay based on how many team members you have or how many concurrent calls you need the system to handle, this post is […]

3CX vs Asterisk

3cx or asterisk

Businesses are expecting more from their phone systems than ever before, and this complexity is ushering in the end of Asterisk, and open source solutions (OSS) generally. Streamlined integration Gone are the days where voice mail to email was a fancy extra and requirements were limited to call forwards and time of day diverts. Time […]

1300/tollfree inbound added to unlimited AU plan


We are doubling down on the value offered by our per channel based unlimited voice plans for our Australian clients. We have been talking about the savings gained through our per channel pricing model for a long time now, how it scales far more effectively than a per user approach. Well, now we have further […]

The results are in

blog cover - 2021 TELCO LEVY-01

It’s the time of year we all look forward to, that’s right, the annual release of the draft Telecommunications Development Levy liability allocation determination is upon us for 2020/2021! This annual release tells the NZ public how much each telco is going to contribute towards the Government’s ongoing efforts to ensure high speed broadband is […]