Our history and our mission

Lightwire Business is a division of Lightwire Ltd, an ISP with more than 10 years of operational history across New Zealand and Australia. Our roots are firmly ensconced in research and development, and more than a decade on these foundations continue to shape the way our team of experienced design engineers operate.

At Lightwire Business, we are dedicated to selling internet, bespoke WANs, IP voice and managed hardware to businesses through retail, wholesale and channel markets. Our head office is in Hamilton (New Zealand), and we have additional teams based in Wellington (New Zealand), Tauranga (New Zealand), Auckland (New Zealand) and the Gold Coast (QLD, Australia).

Through our New Zealand and Australian operations, we are committed to delivering fast, reliable trans-Tasman broadband solutions for clients on either side of the ditch. And to give our clients the ultimate in broadband experiences, we don’t just look for a better solution, we create one.

7 reasons to choose Lightwire Business


Pre-sales design

We have a strong technical team who excel at documenting service design and ensuring requirements are understood and delivered.


We have applied competitive and sustainable pricing to all product types.


We provide you with direct access to great people who are well trained. Escalation paths are transparent and you have ready access to senior management via mobile or email.

Post-sales implementation

We place a strong focus on processes and business improvement, which means we deliver on our contracts and exceed client expectations.


Illume, our customer portal allows you to easily monitor and manage your customers’ services. You can log, monitor and update tickets directly, as well as view real-time data on traffic and bandwidth utilisation, latency, call records, etc.

Service coordination

We can provide connectivity and coordinated IP telephony all over our own network. We can also provide managed network devices such as routers, switches, handsets, etc., or work with you if you prefer to provide and manage those services yourself.


As clients expand across the Tasman, we can go with them, providing a single invoice and point of contact for support across both countries.